GEO_XI.I is a set of protocols that utilises your smart device or EMF meter to bring about a natural energetic state within a 30 or 300-meter diameter circle by managing geopathic stressors real-time, via a web browser Geo-Remote or your Black Edition MitoHQ Meter.

There is a world in which few have taken the time to explore and that is geopathic stress. The subject being quite complex is mostly swept under the carpet, even though these strings in time, water veins, and energetic grid systems play a vital part in our everyday lives.

For years farmers in the know have used ground stakes for earth acupuncture, mirrors to counteract disruptive energy lines and built their homes around the grid systems so they could live in geopathic friendly environments.

Today the earth energy grid systems have been exponentially compromised by both man and non-native EMF's. (Electromagnetic Fields/Electric Magnetic Force) Studies have shown that spending extended periods of time or sleeping over geopathic stress lines and earth-ray grid systems can cause serious health issues.

The GEO_XI.I Protocols, when activated, work around the clock, REAL-TIME, protecting you and your family from the harmful effects of these stressors.

Read more here on which geo-stressors the GEO_XI.I Protocols cover.

Click here to activate your Black Edition MitoHQ Meter, this only needs to be done once.



The GEO_XI.I Protocols have five primary functions, depending on which colour protocols are selected via the web browser Geo-Remote.

1/ Removes and prevents detrimental energy leys/ley lines crossing your personal space up to 300 meters. (

2/ Removes and prevents harmful earth rays from crossing your space, commonly known as Hartmann and curry grid lines. 

3/ Removes harmful energy from underground water veins and earth friction lines being emitted upwards towards your body.

4/ Creates a geo exclusion zone around any vehicle you travel in by moving all earth rays around the vehicle and also clears disruptive energy leys/ley lines in the path of the moving vehicle. 

5/ Guards against ALL forms of witchcraft, spiritual warfare, and paranormal activity real-time while you work, play and sleep.




As soon as you confirm your device and select one of the available protocols on the Geo-Remote, the selected protocols go into effect. The Geo-Remote circle will go from red to green or blue.


The GEO_XI.I end-user must be within the area they select via the Geo-Remote for the protocols to go into effect. 


The smart device, cell phone or computer you use acts as the anchor point for the protocols. That means if you select the 3-meter mode ( > III <  ) you need to be within 1.5 meters of the device to be in the geopathic stress-free zone.

On 30-meter mode ( > XXX <  ) you need to be within 15 meters of the activated device. On 300-meter mode ( > CCC <  ) you need to be within 150 meters of the device. (See the diagram on the Geo-Remote web pages.)


Once a protocol has been selected via the Geo-Remote you can then select Fight Mode and/or turn the device radios/wireless off.  Once the Geo-Remote protocol has been selected no internet connection is required. (The protocols work with both hardwired or wireless devices.)

The device web cache can also be used to temporarily store the Geo-Remote modes so they can be used for weeks without any internet connection.


The selected protocols will remain in effect until you 'close down' the Geo-Remote web browser page or turn > OFF < the protocols.


If you are using a desktop computer or laptop, place the device in standby overnight and the protocols will remain in effect as long as the web browser is left open with the protocol's link in the address bar.


Your device acts as an active witness, to you the observer, and is simply the interface and anchor point, everything else that takes place happens outside of the device.

No EMF/RF is emitted using the protocols.

If you need to browse the net while running the protocols, open another page in your browser and leave the Geo-Remote page active in the background of the device.

All other apps can be used simultaneously on your device while the GEO_XI.I Protocols run in the background. The only internet data used when using the protocols is from downloading the GEO_XI.I page's only.

The > G/B < button on the Geo-Remote switches between 
Green and Blue Mode. Green is the default setting and Blue is a basic mode that only removes the Hartmann grid, cancels water friction energy and earth friction energy.  Blue mode will not work in a vehicle or clear leylines/energy leys or the curry grid system. (Suitable for people working with energy/entities who need open access to all leylines/energy-leys both negative and positive but still wanting basic Geo protection)

When using two devices on the Geo-Remote, like a phone and a laptop, the device in which was last used to select a mode from the Geo-Remote will be in effect. (i.e. If the laptop is on > CCC < Mode and you select > OFF < on the phone, the protocols will be Inactive.


How to test

The GEO_XI.I Protocols can be measured in action using a couple of L shaped rods/wire or cut back metal coat hangers. (L-Rods) Bio Geometry and Geovital measurement tools can also be used to measure thGEO_XI.I Protocols in action.

With the GEO_XI.I Protocols inactive the rods will cross when you measure a Hartman line over someone lying on a bed. Activate the GEO_XI.I Protocols and measure again, the rods will remain straight. The lines/earth rays will systematically reappear in their place once the person leaves the bed.


Biomarkers can also be used to monitor the effects of harmful energy lines and earth rays crossing beds. People living in built-up areas and especially in apartments will notice the most differents.

Another way to test the GEO_XI.I Protocols is when you step in a vehicle with your device you can have someone measure the one-meter wide energy earth ray wall pop up around the vehicle. The one-meter-wide earth ray wall stacked around the vehicle starts one meter out from the vehicle's parameters. No earth rays, nor harmful energy leys/leylines can be measured within the parameters of this exclusion zone.

Nature is by far the best way to watch GEO_XI.I at work by watching birds like crows disappear and watching native birdlife return when using the extended 300-meter Green mode.  Plantlife also thrives in these conditions.


GEO_XI.I will not cancel magnetic anomalies caused by rock formations or metal structures. To test for magnetic anomalies use your phone compass. Areas that vary more than 10 degrees off true north should be avoided.

GEO_XI.I will not neutralise or eliminate non-native EMF's or RF/Microwaves.

Custom GEO maps can also be created for farming, horticulture and security applications by request.