2020 GEO_XI.I Climate Change Protocols

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Australian Parliament House in Canberra surrounded by ice. Ironic given what state it was in last week with all the smoke and fires but this is what happens when native bio electrodynamics kick in by removing age old disruptive leyline infrastructure. Thank you Ken for acting as the 3000 Km Victory State GEO_X.I.I anchor leading up to the 2020 Australian Open. Victory State was the last place to get hit by the fires, as well as the last state to have full GEO_X.I.I Geo-assistance. Thanks to Ken the air quality was back in check for the tennis. The rain came and the air quality in VIC couldn't be better. Only one week earlier the players were complaining about the heat and smoke.

Meanwhile, back in the other States the restoration and rain continues. An 18-month old child on the news had not seen rain until now. Farmers were in tears over the rain falling on their drought-stricken farms. The NSW state government was even considering evacuating the residents of as many as 90 towns that were seriously affected by the drought. Sydney was running out of water and the elderly in the outback were saying they have never seen a dry spell like it in Australia.

I expect Australia to be fully restored by the end of 2020, ever corner of this beautiful country, and not because I believe in miracles but because I believe in the math, the numbers.

"To date, the GEO_XI.I 3000 Km Protocols have not failed any one of the five drought affected Geo users in their states.
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