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Crowd Control - EMF Awareness

How to manage your space in a group meeting or crowd.

Whether at a wedding, birthday party, or business meeting, here is a way to not only reduce your EMF levels but also educate those around you.

In large group situations or meetings, place one of our MITO/RD10 meters in your top shirt pocket. This meter has a beeper and flashing colour LED lights that are visible through most materials. You can select just the lights or only the beeper. Having both modes active sends a clear message.
When someone approaches you with their phone, which is blasting at full power continuously to maintain its connection to a tower a mile away, even though they aren't using it or waiting for a call, they ask, "What's that beeper for?" You then proceed to demonstrate the constant microwave and magnetic field radiation they are subjecting themselves and others to using both the RF and LFM modes on the MITO/RD10 meter. Most people and even professionals fail to demonstrate how much low-frequency magnetic fields come off phones even when not in use, on flight mode, with all radios off. This is why some people have bad blood circulation or numb fingers or hands from holding their phones, and it's mainly from low-frequency EMF and not high-frequency RF microwave radiation.

You will find that almost everyone will follow your instructions on how to turn off their phone or at least disable the radios if they aren't using it, which in most cases they are not, when at a group gathering or meeting.

A high percentage of people will be genuinely grateful for your time in showing them what they have been exposing themselves to. You can even take another step when or if they ask where you got the meter from and sell them one, or yours. (We can replace your one at a discounted rate, no problem.)
At the right event, you can sell dozens of EMF meters.

EMF education is critical in our times, and if you are keen to approach a venue equipped with the knowledge and the best 3-in-1 EMF screening tool on the planet, feel free to reach out; we are here to assist.

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