GEO_XI.I Protocol 'Coherent Assist' Up-Grade

Updated: Jan 17

The Coherent Assist addition is a substantial upgrade. Instead of clearing large areas of all earth rays/Hartmann grids/curry lines, water veins, earth friction lines and leylines, now when you select your perimeters on the Geo-Remote, only sections of the grid will be cleared within that perimeter in which are detrimental to your health or wellbeing. (Including any other person, animal or plant life within the set perimeters)

This means if you lie down and any kind of earth ray, geo stress line, leyline, etc that is detrimental to your health or wellbeing that crosses over your body is cleared realtime.

If it's a detrimental leyline, the entire line is taken out. If it is a detrimental Hartmann or Curry line or crossing, only that line or crossing of the grid in which crosses your body is removed. This means that users will by no means be at any disadvantage at any time by missing out from any beneficial energy that can be accessed in the right circumstances from these geo lines.

The upgrade now puts you in the most coherent natural state with no compromise. GEO_XI.I now manages your environment and every move realtime 24/7 365 days of your year.

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