GEO_XI.I 2020 Restoration Event

Updated: Feb 27

The first and much needed cyclone for the year, "Cyclone Blake" pictured below. Special thanks to Jason, Kevin and Danielle for acting as the Geo 3000 K/m anchor points for your states during the fire crisis. Image taken on the 6th of January.

Over the past couple of months I watched the greenery around home get so dry that it became depressing taking the dog on daily walks, it had never been this dry. Feeling the dry ground and dead brittle grass on the soles of your feet isn't pleasant compared to the usual soft, lush and bouncy feel of green grass which is much more effective in boosting your day with free electrons. By late November I was sick of the fires and smoke and the impact the weather modification programs were having on Australia so I decided to take action. The Earth is quite capable of restoring order when you remove the noise or all the non-coherent disruptive energy that we create on a daily basis.

What I did was I progressively extended the GEO_XI.I Protocols over QLD. First 3 Km, then 30 Km, followed by 300 Km and then 3000 Km. Within two weeks everything was green and lush once again after a week of solid rain which we hadn't had all year. Goes to show you, when the Earths electro dynamics flow in a coherent manner, and not interrupted by toxic leylines covering most of our beautiful country, law and order is reinstated, the perfect mathematical equation behind 2 Chronicles 7:14 kicks in.

The results were in so on Christmas eve I decided to up the game and take down the entire global leyline and earth ray system for six days to give 2020 a solid leg up. Much to my surprise the GEO_XI.I Protocols worked on a global level demonstrating the protocols are not limited by scale. The overwhelming active energy in today's leylines that cover the earth is greed. Notice how much money the world donated towards the Australian fires? The world has never seen a global move of generosity like it, never. The money is still coming in.

On the 30th of December I redirected my attention back towards the fires. I selected one GEO_XI.I end-user per fire-affected state, (WA, NSW and SA) using them as anchor points to initiate 3000-kilometer diameter Geo exclusion zones. Same result! The rain came within a week with the first cyclone of the year being born above WA sucking in much-needed moisture, made landfall, and kept tracking towards the other fire-affected states bringing rain to places that hadn't seen rain all year.

My dream come true would be for the world to see what we are capable of bringing about as a collective conciseness operating in unity, it would be a heaven on earth scenario and would only require a small percentage of the population waking up in order to bring about the change. Its bucketing down in rain while I write this. Please note that if you are taking any measurements and can't find any earth rays or leylines its most likely from large scale active GEO_XI.I operations in progress in your area.

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