Magnetic Flux Density

What if we could manage the Australian magnetic flux density and change our destiny by simply moving lines in time? Can we experience what we see happening in Mexico with people healing themselves by simply living in stronger native magnetic fields, by managing our density, man made non-coherent leylines?

When new electrical power lines are run underground, the alternating magnetic fields are contained within the ground. Over time you can measure both the near and far-field magnetic imprints from these power lines move and grow in size as the soil becomes magnetized.

Powerlines won't affect the magnetic north when you look at your compass whereas a leyline will tend to shift the readings on a compass as you walk over them and in some vortexes were the leylines cross the magnetic north is nowhere to be found.

By removing all man-made or non-coherent magnetic Leylines in which cover a good proportion of our country, we should start to see the restoration of the earth's native magnetic flux density, in theory.

The results would mean better crops, water quality, health and an overall boost to the earth's native electrodynamic ecosystem. The results would happen quite quickly.

By Australia day 2021, we should have clear indicators of what the GEO_XI.I Protocols have achieved, as all the leylines in Australia are being managed across our land, have been since the 26th of January of this year. The EMF canneries/empaths will be the first to notice the coming change.

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