MitoHQ Meter - Geo Assist Mode

Updated: May 27, 2020

Geo will be down in Australia for a week and back up on the 17th. The reason for this is I need to integrate the GEO_XI.I Protocols into the new black edition MitoHQ meter and can't have two sets of commands running when in learning mode. So for Australian users it's back to running Geo on your phones/computers for seven days. As long as there is a charge in the new black edition MitoHQ meter battery and that meter is switched off, with the sound switched onto its on position, the GEO_XI.I Protocols are active and will minimise non-coherent geopathic stressors in that area up to 150 meters. (300 diameter)

For more information on the MitoHQ Meter Geo setup follow this link.

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