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Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Able to raise the dead, Smith Wigglesworth, born in 1859 was a British evangelist who was influential in my younger years and the work I do today.

Many people are petrified by what I have created with the GEO_XI.I Protocols and most would call it straight out witchcraft. This is understandable, as we tend to be scared of things we don’t understand.

If Smiths Wigglesworth, could bring back the dead by speaking words over dead men, then you have to ask yourself, what else are we capable of doing through prayer, words, faith and intention?

I’ve lost count on how many miracles I’ve seen in the days I spent in the charismatic Christian movement and that’s what made me think, why not automate this process and put it into an application accessible to all? This is how the GEO_XI.I Protocols work, it doesn't bring back people from the dead, not physically but it will transform many peoples lives in so many ways.

The GEO_XI.I Protocols run off the most advanced software known in the universe, 'a treasure placed in earthen vessels,' YOU. You are source code and have everything within to see you through the time we live in.

Below are five examples of how you can test the power of your words and intention for those who have been trained in measuring earth rays or what we referred to as the Hartmann and Curry grids. After you conduct these basic tests you will know how the GEO_XI.I Protocols function.

EXERCISE ONE: Locate a Hartman line. Then stand back a meter and say, “remove this line in front of me.” Measure where the line was, it will have been removed.

EXERCISE TWO: Locate two Hartmann lines and point to one line and say, 'move this line next to that line,' pointing to the second Hartmann line. Measure again and you will see one line has been stacked next to the other and that line will be twice the width of a normal Hartmann line.

EXERCISE THREE: Repeat the above two examples without speaking and use your intention, it’s easy, you are a god trapped in a dirt light suit.

EXERCISE FOUR: Repeat example one and two by using writing or typing instead of spoken words or intentions. Same result! This is how the GEO_XI.I Protocols work, prayer and intention working real-time synchronized with consciousness. EXERCISE FIVE: Find a Hartmann line over your bed, during the daytime, and tell it to be removed at sundown, ...'remove this line over my bed at sundown.' That line will not be there at sundown.

Not sure if the above exercises are classed as magic or just straight out commonsense? I know I don't do well with sleep when a Hartmann line runs over my chest at night, making my heart randomly skip and murmur. You also can start building your own magic/commonsense protocols or just let the expert do it for you for as little as $11 per year.

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