Using Multiple Devices with GEO_XI.I

Updated: Jan 13

Last night I had a rotten and restless night dreaming silly dreams.

I checked the iPad that I activate the > CCC < Green mode on and the Geo-Remote still had the mode running on the Safari web browser app which meant GEO_XI.I should have been active, but wasn’t.

Then I realised, right before heading to bed I had checked one of our iPhones to see if the Geo-Remote was still running on the phones, after setting the iPad on > CCC < Green mode for the night. This is where I went wrong, I swiped the Geo-Remote page closed, just before going to bed, deactivating the protocols. GEO_XI.I responds ONLY to Your last input. Pressing > OFF < or closing the Geo-Remote web browser deactivates the protocols.

My advice to users is to stick to one device to keep it simple. You can use multiple devices but it can catch you out as it did for me.

Note when you sleep in high levels of non-native EMF's or low vibrations/noise you will still have negative or non-constructive dreams.

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