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Safetech Solutions:

Building Biology Optimized Solutions

We specialize in designing tailor-made solutions for all your electronic, audio-visual, and information technology needs.

Our comprehensive suite of services incudes structured cabling, wired and wireless networking, low voltage lighting, power management, as well as automation, control, and system monitoring.

Our solutions adhere rigorously to the most stringent European standards for EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), RFI (Radio-Frequency Interference), EMF (Electromagnetic Fields), and LIGHT emissions. This steadfast adherence ensures that your investment not only attains the highest quality and reliability but also has a minimal environmental and health impact.

EMF Field Testing:
Professional Comprehensive Services

Our Team takes pride in offering affordable on-site and remote pre-property signing screening services, with the option of 3D property mapping and monitoring, power quality analysis, and comprehensive EMF and microwave radiation analysis reports for your peace of mind.

Our thorough reports encompass a wide range of data, including spectrum sweeps, time-domain analysis, and frequency power level graphs. This extensive information ensures you gain a deep understanding of your environment.

Furthermore, we maintain a selection of DIY screening tools, including EMF, RF, EMI, and LIGHT meters available for rental.

Inquire with us today to make informed choices about your environment and well-being.

Integrate & Mitigate: 
Design Excellence & Harmonious Living

At Blakes, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in custom design, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our goal is to ensure that our systems not only harmonize seamlessly with our clients' interior décor but also exemplify the pinnacle of excellence within our industry.

Beyond delivering cutting-edge design and exceptional functionality, Blakes is dedicated to reducing non-native EMF exposure. We are committed to mitigating emissions and radiation levels in our products and our clients' environments, all in strict accordance with Building Biology's guidelines.

We can show you how to simplify your next build and bring the outdoors indoors so that you can immerse yourself in nature's own, in a technology-noise-free healthy environment.

Geopathic Services:
Harmony & Well-Being in Your Environment
Our comprehensive Geopathic analysis and protection services, encompassing meticulous on-site geo mapping of various natural phenomena, including earth rays, fault lines, water veins and leylines, and magnetic field activity.

We provide both real-time active and passive environmental control countermeasures, ensuring your protection whether you're at home or at work, 24/7.

Our team doesn't stop at analysis; we provide you with detailed reports and offer expert recommendations for appropriate countermeasures, effectively neutralizing any negative effects.

With our Geopathic Analyst & Protection services, you can enjoy a harmonious living and working environment, free from the potential disruptions of geopathic stressors.

Property Hunter:

Solutions for the Digital Age

Funding a suitable property in today's electrified digital age where families and workers can thrive is paramount.  

At Blakes, we eliminate the unnecessary risk of succumbing to the adverse effects of sick building syndrome by identifying properties and plots of land that promote optimal well-being.


Whether you're on the hunt for a commercial or residential property, Blakes guarantees that your best interests will be safeguarded, both in terms of its foundational value and exponential growth potential.


Since 2011 Blakes has found countless homes and office spaces for clients looking to optimise their health and general well-being, placing people in positions where they no longer need to worry about ongoing medication or expensive medical examinations and/or procedures.

Contact Blakes

For further information and inquiries contact Blakes via our contact form or via phone. We will ensure to respond within 24 hours.


If you require an on-site or remote assessment, please provide us with your address.


Local Service Calls are charged out at $140 for 1-2 hours and $88 per hour after. (GST Inc)

Mito Meter Hire $99 over 30 days with free one-hour field technician remote assist.

$25 per day no support. (Other types of meters & spectrum analizers available.)


Landline: +61 7 5641 1151
Mobile: 0403 372 184


PO BOX 5292


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