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Do it Yourself Screening

Step by Step EMF Screening Solutions
Create Healthier Living & Work Environments

Screening for Wireless Radiation 100MHz -8GHz+
Step One: Test Background Radiation Levels 1/ Turn off all electronic devices and phones in the vicinity. 2/ Select "RF MODE" on the EMF meter. 3/ Stand still and measure background radiation levels by performing a figure 8 motion with the meter in the air. 4/ Stand next to the North, East, South, and West facing walls, observing the displayed lights on the EMF meter. 5/ Hold the meter against your chest and rotate your body to identify the direction from which the radiation is propagating. Step Two: Assessing Radiation Levels 1/ Compare measured levels against Building Biology guidelines and the Bio-Initiative Report. Step Three: Utilizing RF Sound Signature Mode 1/ Utilize the sensitive "RF Sound Signature Mode" to pinpoint local problematic devices. This mode aids in refining the environment after eliminating or shielding the major radiation sources. To activate Sound Signature Mode, move the MODE switch from RF down and up twice within two seconds (RF – LFE – RF – LFE – RF). Two lights will start blinking. Then move the MODE switch one click down to LFM and back to RF (RF – LFM – RF). Then identify your radiation sources by its sound sound.
Low Frequency Magnetic Field Detection (40Hz-10kHz)
Step One: Check PowerGrid Background Magnetic Levels 1/ Select "LFM - MODE" on the meter. (Low Frequency Magnetic - MODE) 2/ From the back of the property, holding the meter vertical, walk forward towards the overhead or underground street powerlines and note how many lights you have at the back, middle and front of the property. If you have more than one green light, use LFM-X MODE to monitor the property overnight to see your averge and peak field levels. (Note: Background magnetic fields from the powergrid cannot be mitigated unless you move the powerlines. (100k+) Step Two: Check Power Distribution Board 1/ Measure the back side of the power distribution power board from within the property internal wall standing back one meter (yard) with meter positioned horizontal, facing forward. 2/ Make sure no bed or seating is within this field. Step Three: Check Building Internal Magnetic Fields 1/ Repeat measurement Step Two above if air conditioning unit(s), solar inverter or appliance(s) back onto a wall where people spend time or sleep adjacent to the wall. 2/ Check house pluming, floors, walls, celling and kitchen sink for magnetic fields, and make sure no one spends extended time in these fields. If the sink or pluming has a detectable magnetic field, have it looked at immediately, as this could cause a shock or even death. Step Four: Assessing Radiation Levels Compare the results against Building Biology guidelines and the Bio-Initiative Report.
Low Frequency Electric Field Detection (40Hz-50kHz)
Step One: Isolate which circuits cause high electric fields. 1/ Select "LFE - MODE" on the meter. (Low Frequency Electric - MODE) 2/ Check beds and places you sit or stand at for extended periods with all circuits switched off at the power distribution board. (Including master switch) 3/ Repeat the above with circuits switched on, one circuit at a time for best results. The light circuits cause the highest levels in most homes with low ceilings. 4/ Compare the results against Building Biology guidelines and the Bio-Initiative Report. Ideally, no lights should be indicated within one to two meters of beds and expect to see one to two lights around a connected laptop or desktop computer. If you have high electric fields around your contected laptop/computer, it will need to be grounded. 5/ We also recommend checking for dirty electricity, which can be present where you detect electric fields. Solar power, split air conditioning units, fluorescent lighting and lighting dimming switches are the main offenders.

Monitoring & Measurement Methods

The MRx measurement Methods* go over and above the standard RF, LFM and LFE Mode techniques of screening environments. While the MRx Modes do not do away with using the traditional techniques of spot-checking non-native EMFs on the fly, it does add standalone monitoring capabilities that do not require additional devices or software. Using the MRx advanced modes will enable you to sample RF sound signatures, record and sample RF total acumlated peak radation, as well as record and monitor powergrid background levels. All these modes will dramatically simplify monitoring environments. For further information and Instructions, click on the PDF file above. (*Compatable with ENV RD-10[AU] & Mito Meters Only.)


 EnvioSens Free Monitoring Software

Advanced Users Optional free software is available at the point of purchase, enabling PC, Android, and Mac connectivity and monitoring. We pre-select suitable boards and components for each dedicated connected meter to maximize consistency and accuracy across broadband measurements (RF-LFE-LFM Modes). The free software also allows users to retrieve a full data log of an RF-X6 Mode six-minute recording, as well as its continuously recorded data logged after the initial six minutes. The six-minute recorded data is displayed on the meter, and the continuous data is recorded via free software. All data can be exported as a CSV file for further analysis.
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Product Specifications

      RF-X6 Mode, Records 6 Minute RF Event. Displays Average Peak, Highest Peak & Estimate Total Accumulated Peak Radiation.
(Via LED display)

Magnetic Field Frequency range:

40 Hz to 10 kHz. Power Range: 0.01 mG to 50 mG.  (1 nT to 5000 nT) with 0.01 mG/1nT resolution. Axis: Ultra-Sensitive single.

12 Hour 50/60Hz powergrid recorder.

RF Mode Effective Frequency Range: 100 MHz to 8 GHz. Power Range: -60 to +5 dBm, -/+6 dB. (0.0005 to 100 mW/m2 / 0.5 to 100,000 uW/m2) Sampling Rate: Fast 20,000/sec. RF-Xs Mode Sound Signature Identification.

Optional Monitoring & Data logging Retrieval Software Compatible with Windows, macOS, & Android. GPS Mapping via Google Maps with Android GPS enabled device/phone

Weight 1.7 Ounces or 50 Grams,

69mm X 110mm. Bright 9 LED Display.

Sound alarm. Rechargeable LiPo Battery.

Up to 48 hours run time LFM-X Mode

& 8 hours standard modes. USB Charging

& Power Assist. CE and RoHS Certified.

      Electrical Field/E-field Frequency range: 40 Hz to 50 KHz - 2v/m to 1000 v/m. (Estimated Body Potential Reading.)

RF Mode Detects Analog RF, Digital Pulse/Burst RF (GSM, TDMA, CDMA, LTE, DECK, ZigBee, Bluetooth, UWB, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 3G, 4G, 5G, IoT Microwave Radiation.)

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Electro Magnetic Field Meter 

Best Sensitivity & Speed in Class - Australian Assembled - Custom 1.1.77aa(x) Firmware for Enhanced Accuracy – Free Worldwide Postage – Free Professional Tech Internet/Phone Support - 2 Year Warranty

Optional $50 PC/Mac/Android Monitoring/GPS Software & Smart USB Connect Package available


AUD $289.00

(Factory seconds available Here.)

ENV RD-10 Manual 

RD-10[AU] Advanced Features

RD-10[AU] Limits Quick Guide


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