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by David Blake | Feb 9, 2023 | ENV RD-10 | New Customer


IMPORTANT: Please note that when charging the RD-10lAU] meter, you will not be able to see the red charging light through the white case, as outlined in the instructions unless in a dark area.

When you switch the RD-10 meter on, the LED lights display the battery level during the cycling-on process. The left LED light sweep indicates the battery level percentage. 


  • Two solid green lights will be displayed on RF Mode when the battery is at 10% power capacity. (Even when there is no RF signals present.) 

  • The battery will lose charge over time, so remember to top up before heading out. You only need 10 to 20 minutes to top the meter up via a USB outlet. 

  • Fully charging the battery from flat takes about an hour. 

  • You cannot overcharge the battery. However, it’s not good for lithium batteries to stay on charge endlessly for days or weeks on end, as this can cause the lithium battery to swell. 

  • We stock replacement batteries and USB charging cables.


Be sure to visit our EMF/RF Basics pages, where you’ll find valuable information to guide you in screening and measuring your surroundings. Additionally, explore the RD-10 meter extra features by clicking here.



  • Standard USB cables will not work with the Envirosens PC/Mac/Android monitoring/GPS software and will only charge the RD-10 meter. 

  • Take care when using the supplied active USB cable, as damage can occur when forced, knocked, or pulled. 



We are confident in the build quality of the Australian assembled and independently tested RD-10 meter, which is why it comes with a 24-month replacement warranty.

Important: Avoid the common mistake of measuring too closely, as seen in amateur YouTube videos. To ensure accurate readings, maintain a distance of at least half a meter/yard between the meter and the radiating source.

If the LED lights turn red, it’s a sign to halt the meter’s movement towards the source. Remember, measuring microwave radiation or magnetic fields in the ‘near field’ will yield inaccurate results.


All the 2024 RD-10 meters have the latest custom-mapped MRx firmware installed, which is weighted and calibrated to ensure that what you measure at home is the same as all our meters via the easy-to-read colour LED light indicators.

Note other 3-in-1 EMF meters, including the most popular five-star rated meters sold on Amazon, vary drastically in their measurement readings between meters, leading to false-positive readings or no results in EMF hotspots.

At the Mito workshop, we are meticulous in ensuring every meter, cable, battery, and adapter that leaves the workshop before dispatch meets our strict eleven-point validation criteria so you can have complete confidence in screening your environment with your newly purchased 2024 3-in-1 EMF meter.



With our extensive in-house pre-testing before dispatch, the likelihood of the meter faulting is very slim.  In the unlikely hood event of this happening, please contect us via the contact form here.

If you change your mind and do not want the meter, and the meter is returned “unused” in new condition with the supplied cable within two weeks of the purchase date, we will refund the purchase price, less the postal charges.  



Please call or send us a measage if your requier support or have any inquieres Here.

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