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Q: It says inactive - does that mean there is no stress here? 

A: Inactive means the protocols are inactive, active means the protocols are active. To deactivate the protocols once you have activated them you need to select the active button, then you will see the Geo-Remote change from active to inactive.

Another way of deactivating the protocols is to close the web browser. The protocols still remain in effect when the Geo web browser is not closed and the browser app is running in the background. Flight mode can be used all so, as no connection is needed once you initiate the protocols. No extra power is used from the phone.

Q: Is it an app you put on your phone? I have an iPhone.

A: No, GEO_XI.I is not an app. GEO_XI.I is a collective group of protocols that run on a web browser. Most phones now have web browsers.

Q: I use an old iPhone which struggles with the Geo page graphics.

A: Select the iPad icon on the left side of the Geo-Remote, within the Geo Gold Zone circle. That will take you to a less graphics hungry page which will help run multiple pages or web browsers.

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