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Energetic Enhancement

Activates real-time dynamic Earth ray crossings through the users solar plexus via the Hartmann or Curry grid system to boost energy.

(Blue Modes)



Removes all Earthray, incoherent leyline & object imprints within selected parameters.

(Purple Mode)

Energy Neutralising  

Removes harmful energies emanating from underground water veins* and ascending earth friction lines that affect your well-being.

(Green, Purple Modes)


Earthray Protection

Secures your space by removing harmful earth rays, including the well-known Hartmann and Curry grid lines.

(Green, Purple Modes)

Geo Drive Mode

Creates a Geo exclusion zone around the vehicle, packing and stacking earth rays around the perimeter of the vehicle while stationary or moving.

(Green & Purple Modes) 



To ensure that the GEO_XI.I Protocols take effect, the end-user must be within the area they select via the Geo-Remote.

Your smart device, cell phone, or computer serves as the anchor point for the protocols. For instance, if you choose the 30-meter mode, you should be within 15 meters of the device to be within the geopathic stress-free zone.

In the 300-meter mode ( > CCC < ), proximity to the activated device should be within 150 meters. (Refer to the diagram on the Geo-Remote web pages.)

Once a protocol is selected through the Geo-Remote, you can also opt for Fight Mode and/or disable the device's radios/wireless function. An internet connection is not necessary once the Geo-Remote protocol is chosen, and it functions seamlessly with both hardwired and wireless devices.

The device's web cache can store Geo-Remote modes, allowing you to use them for extended periods without an internet connection.

Selected protocols will remain in effect until you close the Geo-Remote web browser page or manually deactivate them by pressing the > Active < button on the Geo Remote.

For desktop computers or laptops, placing the device in standby mode overnight will keep the protocols active as long as the Geo-Remote web browser remains open or minimized in the background.

Your device acts as an active witness, serving as your interface and anchor point, while all other protocol actions occur outside of the device. It's important to note that no EMF/RF emissions occur when using the protocols.

If you need to browse the internet while running the protocols, you can open another browser page and leave the Geo-Remote page active in the background on your device.

You can use all other apps on your device simultaneously while the GEO_XI.I Protocols run in the background. The only internet data used during protocol usage is for downloading the GEO_XI.I page.

When using two devices with the Geo-Remote, such as a phone and a laptop, the device that was last used to select a mode from the Geo-Remote will take effect and override the first command, including if you deactivate the protocol. 

Geo Protocols
Our Geo Protocols seamlessly integrate with your smart device or computer, empowering you to evoke diverse energetic states within a 30- or 300-meter radius from your anchor point.


The effectiveness of the GEO_XI.I Protocols can be observed through various measurement tools, including L-shaped rods/wires or cut-back metal coat hangers (commonly known as L-Rods), Bio Geometry tools, and Geovital measurement devices.

When the GEO_XI.I Protocols are inactive, measuring a Hartman or Curry line  using L-Rods will cause the rods to cross. However, when you activate the GEO_XI.I Purple Mode and measure again, the rods will remain straight.

Biomarkers can also be employed to monitor the effects of harmful energy lines and Earthrays crossing beds. Those residing in densely populated areas, particularly in apartments, are likely to notice the most significant differences.

Another way to assess the GEO_XI.I Protocols is by having someone measure the one-meter-wide energy earth ray wall that appears around the vehicle when using Green 30/300 Mode as soon as you the Geo-Remote user steps into the vehicle.

Nature provides an excellent opportunity to witness the GEO_XI.I Protocols at work, such as observing crows disappearing and native birdlife returning when using the 300-meter modes.

Geo-Remote Notes
*GEO_XI.I has not been tested against large underwater streams and is only tested on small watervains.
The protocols do not stop magnetic anomalies caused by natural rock formations or metal structures. To check for magnetic anomalies, use a compass. It's advisable to avoid areas where the magnetic variation exceeds 10 degrees from true north.

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